• Pneumatic Clutch & Brakes


    Established in 1994, Airtorq is delhi NCR, india, based industrial brakes and clutches manufacturing company. for the last 20 years we have been have been continually enjoying leading position in our segments and serving plants and machinery like-packaging machines ,caps filling machines, strapping machines punching machine, soldering machine, Metalworking machines, Handling machinery, Printing machinery, rotary press, feed printing machine, Food processing machine ,universal woodworking machine, plywood machine, turning lathe, milling machine, automatic CNC lathe and special purpose machines.
    Product Detail.
    1. Pneumatic Clutch & Brakes
    2.Drum Clutches & Brakes
    3.Pneumatic Rotary Joints.
    4.Pneumatic Water Cooled Brakes
    Used in Industrial Shear for cut to length line and De-coilers

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